TUG 2011

Update: Conference is now over…



TeX Users Group 2011 was due to be held in Egypt this summer, but following the recent events it was thought best to move the venue. We were happy to step in at short notice and take over. We wish our Egyptian brethren the best and look forward to attending TUG in Egypt in the near future. :-)

Here is some preliminary information. We are working on more details to be published soon.

Second time in Kerala!

We’ve done this once before. TUG 2002 was organized by us, also in Kerala. At that time we did not have our 4-acre campus so we held the conference in the local Technopark. For info on that conference please see reports from Ross MooreMichael Guravage, and K G Kumar.


The date has been set to 19–21 October 2011.


The conference itself will be held in our eco-friendly offices in Trivandrum, Kerala. The climate is always warm (or hot) and it would be a shame to be cooped up in an air conditioned room. So we plan to hold the event in the open air, under a traditional thatched roof made of the leaves of coconut trees. We use this for our company meetings:

For the conference, we will install furniture from our indoor conference hall, including power on all tables and fast WiFi:

Lunch and tea/coffee will be served under a temporary “marquee” set up for the occasion. This is quite common for weddings and large gatherings in Kerala:

For snacks, we will include seasonal fruit from our own organic gardens. You are welcome to pick fruit like pineapple and papaya. :-)

Hotel accommodation

We have secured very favorable rates at one of the most popular beach hotels, Manaltheeram, which is around 45 minutes’ drive from our campus. For those staying up to 7 nights, there is a 20% discount on normal rates. Those who stay 7 nights or more will receive a 25% discount on the entire stay. There are also discounts of 20% on yoga and Ayurvedic massages.

You can see the standard rates (before discount) here. Buffet breakfast is included in the prices.

Please note that special prices cannot be guaranteed after 1 August.

We are recommending attendees so stay at Manaltheeram so that there is maximum interaction with other delegates. If you need to make your own arrangements we can give you some indications of alternatives.

There will be a complimentary shuttle service between the hotel and the conference venue.

Internet access

There will be continuous and free Wifi access during the day at the conference venue. At the Manaltheeram hotel there is free Wifi access in the reception and in some of the restaurant area, but not in the rooms. We endeavour to work with them to improve range of Wifi during your stay.

Conference dinner

This will be held at one of the beach hotels, accompanied by a local arts programme.

Tours and excursions

Kerala has ample tourism opportunities. These include backwater trips on houseboats, wildlife sanctuaries, tea and spice plantations, etc. We will try and make it easy for participants with some recommended choices.


The best way to reach Trivandrum is usually to fly into the local airport (TRV) from one of the Gulf countries, e.g. Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc. Travellers from Europe will normally find good connections with not too much wait.

If you give us your travel information, you will be met upon arrival and transported to the hotel.


Please click here to register and submit an abstract. Any queries, please email me. Please see latest list of registrants and participants here.


Kaveh Bazargan